compare-iconCompare Farms and Web Applications

It is very often that you have several SharePoint farms with similar hardware running all of them, but due to different configuration their performances vary a lot. At that point you would like to find out how is Farm 1 differently configured from Farm 2, so you could tune it’s performances.

Comparing farm can be crucial in case you have multiple farms in your organization e.g. DEV / Production / Q&A / Staging Farms. Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint enables you to create configuration snapshots of each farm. Once you export snapshots to files, you can compare the 2 snapshots. It does not matter if farms are not connected or not the part of a same IT system, comparison is made solely between the files.

Here is an example of how it’s done:

 new1Differences Overview report can be exported as a PDF file and it shows a full detailed list of all  differences that are listed in compare wizard:

Compare Web Applications

Beside Farms, you can also compare Web applications. It is possible to choose Web applications from same or from different SharePoint farms and compare their configurations with snapshots. Under Permissions Explorer, you can also use the Permissions Compare Wizard to load and compare Permissions.

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