Administrative Actions Logging with SPDocKit

For some time, SharePoint administrators have complained that they wanted more out of Central Administration—for instance, audit admin actions logs and track admin changes. Well, we finally got it with the SharePoint Feature 2016 PU Feature Pack 1. To stay up-to-date with SharePoint 2016, we’ve created the Administrative Actions Report. Check out this blog post to find out more!

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SPDocKit says farewell to 2016 – we had a whale of a time!

SPDocKit says farewell to 2016 – we had a whale of a time! - featured image

We would like to wish you a successful new year, and we hope you had a great start to 2017! 2016 is behind us, and we will remember it for many fabulous things! SPDocKit teamed up with a little orange whale for a new logo, and we released a version 6 with many new features. We traveled a lot, visited some awesome SharePoint conferences, met a lot of cool folks, organized great webinars, aaaand … we launched a free tool – SPDocKit Pulse.

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The art of SPDocKit compare wizardry

The art of SPDocKit compare wizardry - featured image

Have you ever faced an issue where you had no clue what was going on with your SharePoint environment, let alone what changed and what suddenly went wrong? Meet the SPDocKit Compare Wizard. The Wizard can help you track all the changes in your SharePoint environment.

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We have just released SPDocKit 6.3.0

We have shipped SPDocKit 6.3.0. This is a minor release which brings support for SharePoint 2016 Feature Pack 1 to the table – the new report for administrative actions, enhanced MinRole classification, as well as some bug fixes, are now officially available. Download SPDocKit trial and give it a go!

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