Designed with SharePoint admins in mind, SPDocKit webinars are packed with videos and step-by-step guides to better managing your SharePoint farm environments with SPDocKit.

Webinar Q&A – SharePoint permissions management with SPDocKit

A few days ago our MVP and SPDocKit product owner Toni Frankola and Maja, our PMM, held a webinar on SharePoint Permissions Management with SPDocKit. We were very proud and happy to see so many people in the audience. We hope that you learned something new and that there will be no more headaches caused by SharePoint permissions! Check out anwers to all your questions. Join us again!

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[Video] Webinar – SharePoint permissions management with SPDocKit

[Video] Webinar – SharePoint permissions management with SPDocKit - featured image

Managing SharePoint permissions can be a very challenging and daunting task, especially because the built-in SharePoint tools in some areas are lacking some of the features that SPDocKit, as a third-party tool, provides. This is why we have prepared this webinar: to present all of the SPDocKit capabilities and show how you can make permissions management painless and much more simple. Check recording and don’t forget to join us on our next webinar.

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SPDocKit’s emergency kit for the SharePoint 2016 upgrade process

SPDocKit’s emergency kit for the SharePoint 2016 upgrade process - featured image

A week ago we had a webinar about upgrade to SharePoint 2016 and we had an honour to have an awesome presenter Todd Klindt, SharePoint MVP and SharePoint architect. We hope you are now ready to conquer the upgrade process! As this is very complex and time consuming process we decided to reveal you SPDocKit’s emergency kit for SharePoint upgrade. We listed some very useful features that can be very helpful and time-saving, so let’s start…

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SPDocKit webinar Q&A: Compare different SharePoint farm environments

As a recap of our webinar from the other day in which Toni provides a step-by-step understanding of some of the key benefits of SPDocKit and how the tool can help you administer your SharePoint environment better, we have prepared this Q&A blog post. Here are all of your questions and concerns in an effort give additional information and advice.

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[Video] Create a copy of your SharePoint farm with SPDocKit and AutoSPInstaller

[Video] Create a copy of your SharePoint farm with SPDocKit and AutoSPInstaller - featured image

We added support for AutoSPinstaller in SPDocKit version 5.3, and our customers were really enthusiastic about it. This made us very happy so we decided to prepare a webinar to explain how to generate an XML configuration file in SPDocKit that you can use along with AutoSPInstaller to create a new SharePoint farm that is the same as or similar to your current farm environment. Watch the video to learn more.

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[Video] Assessing the health of your SharePoint farm: How well do you know your farm?

Our loyal partner and a senior SharePoint consultant with the consulting company Summit 7 Systems, Jay Simcox, decided to make a webinar on SPDocKit and how he uses our tool for SharePoint farm assessments. Besides assessment process Jay talks about other benefits of SPDocKit relating to configuration management, change management, SharePoint migrations and others. Check it out.

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[Video] SharePoint Permissions Management and Governance with SPDocKit

Our dear friend, Adis Jugo, a software architect and Microsoft MVP, prepared an interesting and very useful video about his favorite SharePoint admin tool – SPDocKit. In the video, he discusses some of the major issues in SharePoint Governance, outlining key permissions management tasks and explaining how SPDocKit can be used to automate these tasks almost completely. Watch the video to learn more.

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