SharePoint Farm Configuration

Assess the health of your SharePoint farm by documenting, copying and comparing the farm configuration.

Administrative Actions Logging with SPDocKit

For some time, SharePoint administrators have complained that they wanted more out of Central Administration—for instance, audit admin actions logs and track admin changes. Well, we finally got it with the SharePoint Feature 2016 PU Feature Pack 1. To stay up-to-date with SharePoint 2016, we’ve created the Administrative Actions Report. Check out this blog post to find out more!

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The art of SPDocKit compare wizardry

The art of SPDocKit compare wizardry - featured image

Have you ever faced an issue where you had no clue what was going on with your SharePoint environment, let alone what changed and what suddenly went wrong? Meet the SPDocKit Compare Wizard. The Wizard can help you track all the changes in your SharePoint environment.

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[Video] Enforce SharePoint governance policies with Queries and Rules

[Video] Enforce SharePoint governance policies with Queries and Rules - featured image

In this video, we are going to show you one of the hidden gems of SPDocKit. As you all know, but let’s repeat, SharePoint governance refers to the set of policies and procedures you need to enforce to keep your SharePoint environment in good shape. Queries and rules help you to enforce your company policies across a SharePoint farm, such as enabling document versioning, finding checked-out files and examining other settings for document libraries or list levels, and much more. Let’s start!

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SPDocKit’s emergency kit for the SharePoint 2016 upgrade process

SPDocKit’s emergency kit for the SharePoint 2016 upgrade process - featured image

A week ago we had a webinar about upgrade to SharePoint 2016 and we had an honour to have an awesome presenter Todd Klindt, SharePoint MVP and SharePoint architect. We hope you are now ready to conquer the upgrade process! As this is very complex and time consuming process we decided to reveal you SPDocKit’s emergency kit for SharePoint upgrade. We listed some very useful features that can be very helpful and time-saving, so let’s start…

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SPDocKit webinar Q&A: Compare different SharePoint farm environments

As a recap of our webinar from the other day in which Toni provides a step-by-step understanding of some of the key benefits of SPDocKit and how the tool can help you administer your SharePoint environment better, we have prepared this Q&A blog post. Here are all of your questions and concerns in an effort give additional information and advice.

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Easily compare DEV, UAT and production farms with SPDocKit

SPDocKit offers configuration snapshots of each farm. You might find this useful since multiple farms often have different software configurations that you need to adjust to be as similar as possible. This article explains how you can easily manage multiple environments like DEV, UAT, QA, Staging and Production.

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