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Discover how to be SharePoint Online savvy with the help of SPDocKit.

[Video] Hands-on SPDocKit 7 – SharePoint performance, Permissions audit and SharePoint Online

In this blog post we’re focusing on last week’s webinar given by Toni Frankola and Maja Blazek in which they introduced SPDocKit 7 and its new features. Since it was the biggest SPDocKit release so far, the SPDocKit team wanted to give you an overview of what’s new and how SPDocKit can be of even greater assistance to you when managing your SharePoint farms.

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SharePoint Wonders of SPDocKit 7

SharePoint Wonders of SPDocKit 7 - featured image

SPDocKit 7 is one of the most exciting releases since the first SPDocKit version. Use SPDocKit Insights to keep an eye on SharePoint performance, track issues using Event Viewer, restore SharePoint permissions, document Project Server, compare farm servers’ settings, explore SharePoint Online permissions and check the updated Best Practices reports. There are a lot of novelties, download and give it a try!

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SPDocKit for SharePoint Online

SPDocKit for SharePoint Online - featured image

News straight from the Acceleratio headquarters! SPDocKit version 7 brings some revamped, as well as new features developed for SharePoint Online. Read our blog post to find out more about what novelties we’ve launched with SPDocKit 7.

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[Video] Webinar – SharePoint permissions management with SPDocKit

[Video] Webinar – SharePoint permissions management with SPDocKit - featured image

Managing SharePoint permissions can be a very challenging and daunting task, especially because the built-in SharePoint tools in some areas are lacking some of the features that SPDocKit, as a third-party tool, provides. This is why we have prepared this webinar: to present all of the SPDocKit capabilities and show how you can make permissions management painless and much more simple. Check recording and don’t forget to join us on our next webinar.

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[Video] Manage Permissions in SharePoint Online

[Video] Manage Permissions in SharePoint Online - featured image

For a long time, our customers have wanted the ability to connect to SharePoint Online. In the new version of SPDocKit 5.2, our users finally have this option. We made a video to explain how you can connect to SharePoint Online and manage permissions, move users in and out of groups, break/restore permission inheritance, clone permissions, and much more. Let’s see how that works.

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