We have just shipped Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint 1.1.0

We have shipped the Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint 1.1.0. This is a minor release with new features, improvements and bug fixes.

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Product version: 1.1.0
Build number: 10715
Release date: July 20th 2011


  • Site Explorer – Displays Web Applications and Site Collections with Web Application Features (Activated / Not Activated), Site Collection Features (Activated / Not Activated) and Sandboxed Solutions.
  • Site Topology Diagram – Displays structure of your site collections and content databases.
  • We now show InfoPath form templates.
  • Backup history is displayed now.


  • You can now activate an application offline, when your server is not connected to Internet.
  • If a feature is a custom feature that’s indicated on the features list.
  • If an error occurs while loading SharePoint farm configuration, there is a help message for each error.
  • We now show IIS host headers for each web application.
  • When upgrading to the latest version, the application will allow you to easily upgrade your service settings.
  • We now detect if the application is installed on Search Server Express 2010.
  • Databases list now shows Database recovery mode.
  • Updated Incoming Email Settings labels to match SharePoint Central Administration.
  • Servers in Farm lists now shows FQDN server name.

Bug fixes

  • Non-active features were not displayed.
  • If properties of servers in the farm could not be loaded that would cause an error while loading the server farm.
  • SharePoint farm documentation could not be loaded in Word 2007.
  • You could not take snapshots within one minute.
  • When comparing same farms, the compare wizard would show non-existing differences between Content Deployment Jobs.

Click here to download new release.