We have just shipped Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint 1.5.0

We have shipped the Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint 1.5. This is a minor release with new features, improvements and bug fixes.

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Product version: 1.5.1
Build number: 11201
Release date: November 30th 2011


  • Farms with different servers can now be compared, the compare farms wizard now allows you to set up mapping between different servers and to ignore environment specific settings like URLs, host names and database names.
  • We now display members of local admin group on each server.
  • You can customize the Microsoft Office Word template being used to generate documentation.


  • You can now activate the Consultant license without a key, just use your email and password.
  • Default path to save snapshots can be changed.
  • Snapshots can be created every hour.
  • You can choose which schedules will be printed.
  • We now estimate duration for each scheduled task in the scheduled task viewer.
  • Databases list now shows path and database size.
  • For each managed account we now show a list of services using that account.
  • Additional information about SQL Servers is now shown on SQL Server Info.
  • Estimated search duration (full and incremental) is dispalyed on the Scheduled Tasks calendar view.
  • You can now export farm documentation to XML.
  • Installed SharePoint SKUs are now shown as a simplified list.
  • We now have a dynamic list of SharePoint and SQL product versions that will be updated as new CUs and Service Packs are released.
  • The icons used to generate Boolean fields in documentation are now changed.
  • Extra information about objects.
  • Topology diagram now shows which server hosts Central Administration.

Bug fixes

  • If a grid contains a number, the values are not sorted as numbers but as strings.
  • Fixed memory leak that occured while loading farm.
  • Fixed various errors that occurred during activation.
  • You could not install Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint from a network share.
  • Fixed issues with extended web applications.
  • Cross firewall access zones were not retrieved properly.
  • Host headers were not properly loaded on SharePoint 2007 farms.
  • User profiles schedule was not loaded properly.

Click here to download new release.