We have just shipped Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint 2.1.5

We have shipped the Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint 2.1.5. This is a minor release with improvements and bug fixes.

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Product version: 2.1.5
Build number: 20813
Release date: August 17th, 2012


  • None


  • Administrators can choose which servers are not available or not accessible so Documentation Toolkit will not try to retrieve server info (CPU, Memory, installed applications) for these server.
  • Production versions database now contains all the SharePoint releases up till SharePoint 2013.

Bug fixes

  • When SQL named instance is used, Documentation Toolkit tries to retrieve server information for server\instancename instead of just server.
  • When a SharePoint server cannot connect to internet exceptions will not be logged to the Event Log.
  • You can now upgrade from 2.1.x or prior without removing previous version.

Download new release.