Farm Settings Comparison

It’s common for an administrator to have several SharePoint farms running on similar hardware, but their performances vary due to different configurations. In those situations you might like to find out how one farm is configured differently from another, so you could tune its performances.

Comparing farms can also be critical in cases where your organization has multiple farms for different purposes, e.g., DEV / Production / Q&A / Staging Farms. SPDocKit enables you to create configuration snapshots of each farm. It does not matter if the farms are in the same domain or location, you can still compare them.

In addition to comparing Farms, you can also compare Web Applications, Site Collections, Permissions and Web.config Files. SPDocKit enables you to choose Web Applications from the same or different SharePoint farms and compare their configurations with snapshots. Under Permissions Explorer, you can also use the Permissions Compare Wizard to load and compare sites permissions.

There are two types of snapshots:
  • Manual snapshots you can create any time with one click.
  • Automatic snapshots created with a wizard that can be set to run periodically.

You can compare any two snapshots, regardless of timespan or type. You can also see whether there were any changes made since the most recent snapshot. The additional option – Data Retention for Snapshots – automatically deletes snapshots older than a specific date that you determine.

Track Changes using Snapshots - create them automatically or manually at any moment

Track Changes

SharePoint administrators need to know when configuration changes have been made to the farm. Take periodic snapshots of the SharePoint farm configuration, and easily compare any changes made in the period between two selected snapshots. Define a good configuration snapshot you would like to use as a foundation for the next farm compares.

Reports subscription delivery

Access your reports anytime, and pick your favorite delivery type:

  • Email delivery
  • Save to file share
  • Save to SharePoint

Choose which email notifications you want to receive:
  • Configuration changes (differences overview report)
  • Farm documentation
  • Best practices documentation
  • Snapshots
  • Reports
  • Automatic snapshots
  • Only when changes are made

Email Configuration - you can receive a notification when snapshot is ready to track changes and view differences

The email can contain full farm documentation and/or a document containing only an overview of differences. Choose the reports you want to receive via email, schedule their frequency, and specify the day and time you want them to be sent.