SharePoint Documentation Tool

After installing Microsoft SharePoint, you need to create a proper documentation file with all the farm, system, and configuration settings. SPDocKit performs this task with only a few mouse clicks.

Three Quick Steps vs. Hours of Manually Pasting Data

SPDocKit saves hours of manually pasting data from different sources into the documentation file. It automatically generates all configuration settings and details you need into one file. Create farm documentation in 3 quick steps:

  • Take snapshot of your SharePoint farm (it will load all configuration settings).
  • Click the Generate button and choose export options.
  • Open the documentation file.

Why is this a Super-Feature?

Documentation is essential for SharePoint administrators in order to provide support and maintenance of the installed environment. So let’s see why this a super-power that every admin and consultant needs:

  • Saves time and consolidates all SharePoint settings and other data in one documentation file.
  • Allows you to easily choose the level of details for your farm documentation.
  • If you are a consultant, use it to provide your clients with professional-looking SharePoint documentation.

Exporting Options

The SharePoint farm documentation can be exported as an Excel, Word or PDF file. Using Excel, you can easily filter, explore, and analyze your data. Share your documentation file with your clients or colleagues, or print it out. Download some documentation samples: