SharePoint Permissions Management

Managing SharePoint permissions can be a challenging task. With our wizards, managing, as well as restoring permissions, is now easier than ever. Explore and modify permissions from one common UI.

Permissions Explorer - management actions easily accessible (edit, clone, transfer, move to group etc.)

Management Actions

Save time not just because it is so easy to use but also because it lends some extra powers beyond the built-in SharePoint managing capabilities. Some basic permissions management actions are easily accessible from our Permissions Explorer.

Permissions Management Wizards

Permissions Management wizards bring even more superpowers, here are some actions you can perform:

  • Manage Unique Permissions: break or restore permissions inheritance between SharePoint items.
  •  Manage SharePoint Groups: delete, create, or edit your groups, and easily add or remove users.
  •  Edit, Transfer and Clone: carry out simple yet effective tasks such as cloning and relocating permissions between users and groups to a new target principal.
  •  Manage Site Collections: clean up the site collection from unwanted principals, create specific permissions levels and manage site collection administrators.
  •  SharePoint Online Permissions: explore and manage SharePoint Online permissions – learn more.

Restore SharePoint Permissions

Restore permissions for a preferred securable object – subsite, list or list item, using a simple wizard that will guide you through a few simple steps.

You will be able to restore:

  • Permission levels
  • Directly assigned permissions
  • SharePoint group memberships
  • Missing SharePoint groups