SharePoint Health Check

SPDocKit Event Viewer is designed to allow SharePoint administrators to monitor information about their farms’ health from the Windows Event Log and SharePoint ULS logs across all servers in their farms. It is important for SharePoint administrators to detect possible issues on time and react promptly.

SPDocKit Event Viewer - shows a detailed list of your ULS logs. Filter collected events by server, event level, error keyword or correlation ID.

Keep your SharePoint farms healthy!

SPDocKit comes with a powerful collecting engine that gathers all ULS and Windows Event Logs into one console. It saves time and makes troubleshooting in a multi-server farm environment easier. All events are accessible in a single place – SPDocKit Event Viewer.

Filter results, export to Excel, and dig deep!

Imagine that you have a SharePoint farm with numerous servers or even multiple SharePoint farms and you need to dig out all the ULS logs and examine errors. It’s like spending hours trying to find a needle in a hay stack.

Therefore, we created the SPDocKit Event Viewer. It works in real time and allows you to search and filter results by category, source, server, event ID, and correlation ID. Export the results to Excel to get a list of all the details in one place and filter the data easily.

SPDocKit Event Viewer Superpowers

  • Gathers ULS and Windows Event Logs from all servers across one farm or even multiple farms
  • Provides a searchable index of your ULS and Event logs
  • Filters data by category, source, server, message, event ID, and correlation ID
  • Works in real time and collects events continuously
  • Makes all events accessible in a single place
  • The Event Viewer can be used on multiple workstations