Manage SharePoint Online Permissions and Office 365 Groups

Managing SharePoint Online permissions can be an extremely challenging task. Exploring permissions, detecting externally shared content and users, comparing, managing – is much easier with SPDocKit!
NEW! Bulk management actions for Office 365 Groups and One Drive report!

Office 365 Groups – Powerful Wizards with Bulk Actions

Use SPDocKit to view a list of all Groups and Teams in one report. The Groups report shows a list of all Owners and Members per each Office 365 Group. And you can easily manage it by adding or removing owners and members.

Office 365 Groups Management Wizards

  • Delete Groups: Use the wizard to delete more than one group at once. You can easily select groups by a specific term (e.g. containing “2016”) or by its original name.
  • Manage Owners/Members: Easily add or remove one or more members/owners to one or more groups. You can also remove members/owners from all groups at once.
  • Import users to people picker from a .txt or .csv file – supported for all of these actions!

Explore SharePoint Online Permissions & Create Reports

With Permissions Explorer, where you can choose between live and historic data, you can analyze and manage SharePoint Online permission settings for any object from one simple user interface.

Numerous reports will help you to keep track of all these permissions:

  • Report on all users and groups and review their permissions
  • Detect unique permissions and manage broken inheritance.
  • Review the site collection, subsite and list hierarchy and their structure.

Analyze External Sharing

Secure your content – get an overview of external sharing:

  • Track Office 365 externally shared content
  • Find out who are external users in your environment.
  • View anonymous access links

PLUS: OneDrive for Business report – view a list of all OneDrive personal sites and check the usage status along with allowed storage maximum quota.

SharePoint Online Permissions Management

  • Manage SharePoint Online Groups and Users: add, move, copy, remove users from or to a specific group, all groups or delete a user/group from an entire site collection.
  • Grant, Edit, Remove, Clone and Transfer Permissions: allows simple yet effective operations between users and groups to a new target principal.
  • Manage Permissions Inheritance: break or restore parent–child relations between SharePoint Online objects for selected web applications or site collections.
  • Restore Permissions for a preferred securable object: restore permission levels, directly assigned permissions, group memberships, and missing groups.

Compare Permissions and Track Changes

The Permissions Compare feature allows administrators to easily find and compare differences in permission levels in SharePoint Online with just a few clicks:

  • Compare permissions from different points in time and track changes.
  • Compare group members and track changes in group membership.
  • Compare permissions for any two selected SharePoint objects.