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SharePoint Online reporting - explore externally shared content, external users and anonymous access links

SharePoint Online Reports

Analyze SharePoint Online permission settings for any object from one simple user interface.

  • Explore permissions given to users and groups
  • Detect unique permissions and broken inheritance
  • Review the site collection, subsite and list hierarchy
  • Secure content – track externally shared content
  • OneDrive for Business usage and stats

Permissions management actions you can perform: edit, clone, transfer, remove, move or copy user to group, remove a user or group.

Manage SharePoint Online Permissions

SPDocKit brings some extra powers beyond the built-in SharePoint Online managing capabilities such as transfering, cloning and restoring permissions.

Easily edit permissions for users and groups. You can even break and restore permissions inheritance. With our wizards, permissions management is easier than ever!

SharePoint Online - wizard options - compare permissions from different points in time, compare group members, or permissions for any two SP objects.

Compare and Track Changes

Compare Wizard allows administrators to easily track changes and find SharePoint Online permissions differences with just a few clicks. You will be able to compare:

  • Permissions from different points in time
  • Group members and changes in group membership
  • Permissions for any two selected securable objects

Explore Office 365 Groups and Teams - check membership. Try bulk management actions for Office 365 Groups!

Office 365 Groups - Bulk Management

View a list of all Office 365 Groups and Teams in one report and check a list of all Owners and Members per each group.

Management wizards go beyond the Office 365 abilities with bulk actions! Delete more than one group at once, easily add/remove as many members/owners as you wish to one or more groups. Import users from a .txt or .csv file!

SPDocKit goes beyond built-in SharePoint administration capabilities!


Externally Shared Content
Check the list of all external SharePoint users, external users’ permission access, externally shared SharePoint content.


Permissions Restore
Restore permissions for a preferred securable object − subsite, list or list item − using a simple wizard through a few simple steps.


Manual Snapshots
Take manual snapshots and have all your SPO permissions saved from different points of time to explore and compare them later.

Why to start with free SPDocKit trial?

  • Generates SharePoint documentation
  • Quicker and easier permissions management
  • Helps prevent and detect potential issues
  • Enhances SharePoint farm performance
  • Helps enforcing SharePoint governance policies

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