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Analyze SharePoint Permissions

Explore SharePoint permissions settings. Besides history data, review live permissions in realtime, just choose the desired SharePoint object and start exploring.

Manage SharePoint Permissions

Modify permissions from one UI. Get some extra powers beyond the built-in SharePoint managing capabilities – Edit, Clone, Transfer, Remove, Restore inheritance etc.

SharePoint Permissions Reporting

Create and export numerous Site and User specific reports, check subsite hierarchy, find orphaned users, groups without users and more. Use it for cleanup and analysis.

Compare Permissions

Compare permissions for any two selected SharePoint objects, track all the permission changes in the entire site collection, compare group members and track all changes.

Why to start with free SPDocKit trial?

  • Create documentation file containing all SharePoint farm and Project Server settings.
  • Explore permissions, audit changes and create various site and user specific reports.
  • Audit farm configuration.
  • Compare, discover differences and track changes.
  • Monitor SharePoint farm health.
  • Explore SharePoint Online permissions, detect externally shared content, manage and compare.
  • Get a list of all Office 365 Groups, check owners and members.

Wins my personal SharePoint 3rd Party Tool Award!

Christian Heim
Premier Field Engineer, Microsoft

“SPDocKit wins my personal SharePoint 3rd Party Tool Award! Since working with SharePoint (for nine years now) I have not seen any other tool that is adding so much value to SharePoint Administrators.”

It helps me gather the majority of the information I need.

Joel Jeffery
Technical Director, JFDI Phoenix Ltd

“The SPDocKit application itself has a pretty useful UI. You can browse the web application and site structure without needing to generate documentation. The licensing is pretty cool also.”

There’re tons of options in SPDocKit and it’s easy to use.

Agnes Molnar
Independent SharePoint Consultant, MVP

“SharePoint farm documentation is always a challenge. SPDocKit helps a lot, and saves a lot of time when you have to document (and/or compare) your SharePoint environments.”


One of the most essential tools on our SharePoint toolbelt

Thomas Vochten
Microsoft MVP, Xylos

“We use it during every health check to get a feel for the customer’s environment and to quickly assess the basic health of the farm before we dive in any deeper. We also don’t create those boring “as built” documents by hand anymore but let SPDocKit do the hard work for us. Can’t live without it.”

Designed to make SharePoint admin and consultant life easier

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