Consultant License Upgrade to SPDocKit 5

So many features they don’t fit on such a small screen. Check the complete list of features on your desktop.

SPDocKit Consultant Starter has been upgraded to Consultant Pro edition, while Consultant Premium has been upgraded to Consultant Ultimate license. Check the following table to see the changes within the features collection.

Only show differences between editions

StarterSPDocKit 4

ProSPDocKit 5

PremiumSPDocKit 4

UltimateSPDocKit 5

  • Farm Explorer
  • Site Explorer
  • SharePoint Farm Documentation
  • Compare Farm Settings
  • Compare SharePoint Permissions
  • Compare web.config Files
  • Feature Usage Reports
  • SharePoint Best Practices
  • Monitoring Farm Health
  • Permissions Explorer and Reports
  • Permissions Management
  • Cleanup Reports
  • Content Usage Reports
  • Manual Queries and Rules
  • Automatic Queries and Rules
  • Automatic Snapshots
  • Automatic Data Retention
  • Automatic Email Subscriptions