Configure Multiple databases on a Workstation

This article will explain how to use our new Connection String Chooser. A feature used to quickly change between databases on a workstation.

You can notice the Database Connection Chooser in the top right corner of the application.

When you install SPDocKit for the first time, installation will ask you to use our Configuration Wizard. Database you set up there will be Default. After that, you can use the aforementioned Database Connection Chooser to quickly setup other connections.

This is how you do it:

New Database Connection

1. Anywhere in the application you can click the window that says Default and choose edit.

Database Connection Window

Alternatively, in the Backstage (File – > Configuration), under Configuration settings click Database Connections.

2. After that, click the Add button. New Database Connection Window will open.

New Database Connection

Here you can input your Connection Name, SQL Server you wish to use and of course which database you want to connect to. To access the database, you can use either Windows or SQL authentication. Press OK and Progress Window will appear.

If everything went fine, you will get a message like this:

Database Connection Progress

Click Close to close the window.

3. After that you will be returned to main Database Connection window. Select the connection you just made, and click Set as Active. In a few moments, the database connection will change and that is it!

SPDocKit Database Connections

To change the database, you can use Set as Active button. But a much simpler solution is to use the dropdown window. Click on the connection you want and database will be switched immediately.

Edit a Connection

On the main Database Connection Window, select a connection you want and click the Edit button. You can edit a connections name, but you can also completely change the SQL Server or a Database you are using. When done click OK.

Delete a Connection

To delete a connection, select it and click the Delete button.