Configure two different Farms in a same SPDocKit database

This article will explain how you can configure two different Farms in the same SPDocKit database.
For general information on how to configure SPDocKit database go here.

1. If you are currently not using the same database, you need to change one to match with the other. On the Main Menu, go to Configuration tab and Configure. Under the Database section, you can change the desired Database.

2. After that, you need to make sure of just one more thing. Go to Options, then Service Settings and check SPDocKit Database field. To save your snapshots on both disk and to a database, you need to check it (reading from a database will work fine without it).

Options - Service Settings

Some of the pros and cons of using this kind of setup are:

  • You have one centralized place to track all the things that interest you.
  • It’s easier to compare changes between farms.
  • On the other hand, if you have multiple SharePoint farms, generating reports might be a little slower (due to the sheer amount of data).