Import and Export SPDocKit Settings

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This section describes how to import and export SPDocKit settings. If you need to set up SPDocKit options on multiple farms, this feature can help you copy all the application settings from one application instance to another and save a lot of time.

1. Navigate to the Backstage Help Screen and click Application Settings Management.

SPDocKit Application Settings Management

2. To export your settings, select the Export Settings option, then choose the location you wish to export and save your settings to. SPDocKit will create a settings.SPDAppSettings file. You can transfer it to any other server where you have SPDocKit installed.

To import certain settings to other SPDocKit installations, select Import Settings, then choose the location from which you wish to import. Click OK to proceed.

Available Options

Importing and exporting application settings affects the report and export options, data collection interval, database index reorganization, the entire Snapshots Option tab, load options, data retention policy and options, customer improvement participation selection, email settings, and Best Practices report settings.

You can choose which of these settings will be exported to a settings.SPDAppSettings file.

Application Settings Management