Synchronization Options

Other versions

Please note! This feature has been retired in SPDocKit 5.0.

To change the Synchronization Options Run the Application and from the Backstage Screen select Configuration > Options > Cloud Sync.

Synchronization Options

Synchronization options are:

  • None – data will not be synced.
  • Synchronize – all data will be synced.
  • Upload New – data will only be uploaded and not downloaded from OneDrive.
  • Download New – data will only be downloaded from OneDrive.

It is possible to Synchronize Content for:

  • Saved Farms – all saved farms from …\Documents\Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint\data\{DomainName}-{MachineName} \Saved Farms Directory. None of the subfolders are included in the synchronization.
  • Generated Documentation – all generated PDF and DocX files from …\Documents\Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint\data\{DomainName}-{MachineName}. Again, subfolders are not included.
  • Farm Snapshots – both manually and automatically taken Farm Snapshots from the Snapshot directory configured in the Configuration Wizard.
  • Styles and Templates – settings from the Change Style wizard.
  • Grid Layouts – settings for grouping, sorting and column order for all the grids in the application, i.e. Farm Explorer, Site Explorer, Permissions and Reports grid.
  • Content Selections – all custom made Selections (it is possible to select content from which to generate Share Point Farm Documentation and save it as a Selection template).
  • Best Practices – all Best Practices reports.

If the synchronization options are set as in the picture above, all Saved Farms, Styles and Templates, Grid Layouts and Best Practices Reports will be completely synchronized, while the Generated Documentation, Farm Snapshots and Content Selections will not be synchronized at all.