Role Based Security

This advanced security feature is meant to help admins take control and to allow them to define different SPDocKit access levels. Users and groups can be assigned to specific roles based on elements of SPDocKit or on SharePoint site collection permissions.

How to set up Role Based Security

To enable this feature, navigate to the Backstage Configuration Screen, click Role-Based Security, and then select the Enable role-based security check box. Click Save to store your settings.

Please note that the user who enables this feature, will automatically be assigned the Admin role. For Role-Based Security to work, you have to use a database and have the db_owner permissions.

SPDocKit security feature - role-based security

Admin role

This role gives you full control over the SPDocKit, as well as over the entire Role-Based Security system. As admin you can create new custom roles, and assign users or groups to them or to one of our predefined roles (Admin and Viewer).

Please note that the first person who activates the RBS (Role Based Security) will be automatically given the admin role.

Viewer role

The Viewer role is predefined, along with the Admin role. This is a read-only role, and due to security reasons some of the reports are unavailable.

Please note! With the Viewer role, you cannot see the Web.config files or certain reports such as Storage Metrics, All Farm Users and Users With Privileged Access. Among other things you cannot see are the entire Passwords and Products Key sections in the Farm Explorer. You also cannot create a new view for a selected report

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