Best Practices Screen

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Best Practice section contains built-in Reports that help SharePoint administrators to check if their SharePoint farm has been configured according to the configuration best practices and if the current state of SharePoint farm confronts with published software boundaries and limits. It also allows administrators to create their own best practice reports.

The following options are available:

  • Using built-in best practice reports to verify SharePoint Farm settings.
  • Creating new best practice reports.
  • Importing and Exporting custom made reports.
  • Editing and Deleting custom made reports.
  • Organizing custom made reports by adding new folders.
  • Produce Best Practices Documentation file containing all best practices reports and dashboard.
  • Personalize Best Practices dashboard and adjust some of the built-in values using Customize Best Practices button

Visit our best practices library to read more about available best practices reports.

SPDocKit6 Best Practices Dashboard

  • Visit resources center for videos and samples of SharePoint documentation and reports by SPDocKit.