Monitoring Screen (Event Collection)

SPDocKit Event Collection feature is designed to allow SharePoint administrators to collect and monitor information about their farms’ health from the Windows Event Log and SharePoint ULS logs across all farm servers. If you have more than one farm configured in your SPDocKit database, this feature will allow you to monitor SharePoint ULS events from multiple farms from one centralized place.

Data is being collected continuously in real-time and stored in an index using SPDocKit Event Collector Service. SPDocKit Event Viewer can filter gathered ULS and Windows event viewer logs by category, source, server, message, event ID, and correlation ID. 

Diagram shows how SPDocKit monitoring works - use the SPDocKit Event Viewer to examine and search through results.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Install and configure SPDocKit on the SharePoint farm you wish to document and manage.
  2. On a server outside of the selected farm, install and configure SPDocKit Event Collector Service.
  3. Install and configure SPDocKit Event Viewer application to start exploring collected ULS events on any Windows server or a workstation.
  4. Start using SPDocKit Event Viewer.
  5. Export search results to XLSX format for easier manipulation with the retrieved information.

Please check updated Features by Licenses overview for this feature availability.