Permissions Explorer Screen

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With Permissions Explorer, system administrators can explore SharePoint permissions settings. From SPDocKit version 5 onwards, live permissions gathering is enabled. This means that you don’t necessarily have to load SharePoint permissions if you wish to explore them, just start SPDocKit, navigate to the Permissions Explorer section, and use the tree view in the navigation on the left-hand side to expand the desired SharePoint object and preview values in the main grid.

SPDocKit Permissions Explorer Screen

To create and use the SPDocKit permission report, you will have to load SharePoint permissions. Each time SharePoint permissions are loaded, one Permission Record is created. From the filtering options on the right-hand side, you can choose the record you wish to explore further.

SPDocKit - Permissions Explorer - Loading Records

Use Permissions Explorer ribbon menus to explore, share and compare your SharePoint permissions.

SPDocKit - Permissions Explorer - Home ribbon

The following buttons are available:

  • Take Snapshot – load SharePoint farm permissions. Permissions loading settings that you have set up in the Options wizard, will be applied in this case if you choose the Take Snapshot button.
  • Open – open previously saved farm settings files.
  • Save – save currently loaded SharePoint farm settings in .SPDfarm format.
  • Refresh – reload the currently selected SharePoint object permissions information or the entire permissions explorer tree.
  • Generate – generate SPDocKit farm documentation in .docx or .PDF format.
  • Chance Styles – customize the final appearance of yourfarm documentation by choosing different color styles or uploading a custom template.
  • Export as PDF – export permissions for the selected object as a PDF document.
  • Export as XLSX – export permissions for the selected object as an XLSX document.
  • Export as DOCX – export permissions for the selected object as a DOCX document.
  • Compare Wizard – read more about the Compare Wizard.
  • Subscriptions Manager – create and manage your SPDocKit report subscriptions.
  • Schedule this Report – create a new subscription for the currently selected SPDocKit report.
  • Options – read more about the Options Wizard.

SPDocKit - Permissions Explorer - Manage ribbon section 1

The following buttons are available:

  • Refresh – reload currently selected SharePoint object permission information or the entire permissions explorer tree.
  • Principal Properties – show principal properties.
  • Permission Details – show permission details.
  • View in SharePoint – view the selected site in SharePoint.
  • Site Permissions – view and manage the selected permissions in SharePoint directly from your browser.
  • Principal Permissions – view and manager permissions for the selected principal on a specific object, directly from your browser.
  • Edit Group Settings – edit the selected group.

SPDocKit - Permissions Explorer - Manage ribbon section 2

Tips & Tricks

Select a principal and right-click. A context menu will appear with all available permission management options. They work in same way as the ones in the Options from the Manage ribbon.

Permissions explorer wizard

Use SPDocKit permission wizards to easily grant, edit or remove SharePoint permissions across the selected scope. Read more about permission management wizards.

SPDocKit - Permissions Explorer - Compare ribbon v6

The following buttons are available in the Compare ribbon:

  • Compare to Parent – available for sites with broken permissions only. Choose this button to compare differences between the selected subsite and the parent SharePoint site.
  • Compare to Previous – available when there are previous permission records for the selected site. Explore how permissions for a selected site have changed over time.
  • Advanced Compare – to compare the selected site with any other site from any permission history record.

Not all feature buttons from the Compare ribbon will be available when browsing the existing permissions records.

The following buttons are available in the View ribbon:

  • Choose Columns – customize your report view. Remove or reorder columns to personalize it for your needs.
  • Reset Layout – restore he default report view settings.
  • Expand/Collapse – makes browsing reports much easier when you have large amount of data.

SPDocKit - Permissions Explorer - View ribbon v6