Create Farm Documentation

This section describes how you can generate SharePoint farm documentation using SPDocKit.

1. Use the Take Snapshot button to load local SharePoint farm settings, or choose to Open existing farm snapshot. You can view all of your snapshots if you navigate to the Backstage Actions Screen and click the View Snapshots button or if you go directly to the Snapshots tab.

SPDocKit Backstage Actions Screen

2. Click Generate from the left-side navigation pane and select in which format you wish to create your farm documentation. You can generate farm settings documentation in .doc, .pdf and .xlsx format.

SPDocKIt 6.2 Generate Farm Documentation

3. The farm settings you want to export can be selected from the drop-down options. The selection you make can be saved and used as a template for generating documentation in the future. SPDocKit comes with predefined documentation templates, with commonly used options already pre-selected. The following documentation templates are available: All, Full Documentation (Without Site Explorer) Regular Documentation or Simple Documentation. Use the Up and Down arrows to rearrange the order of your documentation.
There is a possibility that there will be a large amount of data contained in Site Explorer reports, so we added a template called Full Documentation without Site Explorer. If however, you still want to export all Site Explorer information please note that you will need to have the snapshot saved in your database, not the disk.

4. The Document Outline tab displays how the table of contents of your document will look.


5. With the Options tab you can choose whether Passwords and Product Keys will be displayed in the generated document. If these were not defined, the checkbox will be disabled.


6. Click the Generate button, wait a few seconds and your SharePoint farm documentation will be generated!