Change Event Collection Settings

To configure SPDocKit Event Collection click the Settings button on top right of the main window. If you need more information on how to start or install this feature, please go here.


3. On the settings screen you can change:

Assigned Agent

  • When you configure SPDocKit Event Collection for the first time, an agent will be associated with all the farms in your SPDocKit Database. If at some point you connect another farm to your SPDocKit Database, it will be associated with the first free active agent.
  • Of course, this situation may not be ideal all the time, so you can change the agent for a chosen farm, as you desire.

ULS Collection Configuration

  • Here you can change which ULS event levels you want to collect. You can choose from: Unexpected, Monitorable, High, Exception, Medium, Warning, Verbose, Information and Critical.
  • All of the ULS categories and sources are preselected by default.


Windows Event Log Collection Configuration

  • By default this feature is disabled but you can enable it, by simply checking the box. Window Event Levels you can monitor are: Warning, Verbose, Information, Critical, and Error. If you wish to add new Windows Event Source you can do it by inputting it in the provided field and pressing the green plus sign.