Use SPDocKit Event Viewer

If you installed the feature together with the SPDocKit, navigate to the Monitoring Screen and click Start Event Viewer button.
However, if you choose to do a standalone installation of the SPDocKit Event Viewer Application, you will need to start the Viewer manually. Default location is: C:\Program Files\Acceleratio\SPDocKit\EventCollection\Viewer\SPDocKit Event\Viewer.exe

Main window will open. After that, choose which farm you want to search events from.

Please note that as a prerequisite you need to have an active agent collecting the events from aforementioned farm. For more information on this, go here.

SPDocKit Event Viewer Farm Page

  • To search for the event, you can input either a keyword or a correlation ID.
  • Once the search results appear you can click on a server or level from the filters on the left to quickly narrow down your search results . After each click the original search query will be modified and you need to execute the search again. Beside that, you can also click on any word from the search results to add it to the search query.
  • Also, you can set the main search page to show ALL events find, ULS or Event Logs.
  • To specify a time interval for you query use the dropdown in front of the search field. You can use one of the offered intervals or select custom to specify your own interval.
  • Search results will give you a short description of a problem, which “level” the event is, on which server it happened and which ULS category it belongs to.
  • Export is enabled to excel and currently supports maximum of 1000 events. The same number you can see in the application.