Take an Automatic Snapshot of SharePoint Permissions

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SPDocKit allows administrators to configure a schedule for creating an automatic snapshot of the SharePoint farm’s permissions state. When you enable this option, the SPDocKit Service will periodically take a snapshot of your SharePoint farm’s permissions and store them to SPDocKit database.

1. Navigate to the Backstage Configuration Screen and click Configure.

2. Skip to Service Settings, select the Enable Service checkbox and type in the service account details; then click Validate Account. Click Next to proceed.

For more information, check the permissions requirements for the Service account.


3. To define how often records are created, navigate to the Backstage Configuration Screen > Options > Service Settings.

With the Database Index Reorganization, you can enable automatic index reorganization. That means your database space usage and performance when reading data will improve. During that time, while the service runs, the SPDocKit might be unavailable.


4. Go to Snapshot Options and select the Load Depth; then select the Permissions checkbox.


5. Go to Load Target to select the scope on which SPDocKit Service will crawl for the permissions data– for example, the entire farm, web application, site collection or specific subsites.


6. Click Save to apply changes and finish configuring the automatic SPDocKit Service for creating an automatic snapshot of your farm’s permissions state.

Please note! You can configure to automatically delete old permissions records using the SPDocKit service.

When using Permissions Explorer and Permissions Reports, you will be able to reload previously taken records by clicking on the preferred date-time marked entries from the Permissions Date filter. This filter contains both automatically and manually taken snapshots of your farm’s permissions state.