Take Snapshot of SharePoint Permissions

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This section describes how you can take a snapshot of your SharePoint farm’s permissions using the SPDocKit. You can also schedule the SPDocKit Service to take an automatic snapshot of farm’s permissions at the configured time. Learn more about taking an automatic snapshot of SharePoint farm permissions.

Please note! Options you select while using the Take Snapshot wizard apply for the current loading process only. If you wish to configure the permanent settings for taking a snapshot use the Options wizard.


1. Navigate to the Backstage Actions Screen and click the Take Snapshot button.

SPDocKit Backstage Actions Compare Wizard

2. In the Snapshot wizard, select the Custom mode and click Next to proceed.

SPDocKit Snapshot wizard mode

3. Under the Options in the Snapshot wizard, select the Permissions check box. You can also select the Active Directory Group Members check box if you wish to load members of the AD groups. Click Next to proceed.

SPDocKit Snapshot permissions

4. Choose the Scope to load permissions from.  For example, you can choose your target to be the entire farm, web application, site collection or specific subsites. Click Next to proceed.

SPDocKit Snapshot Wizard Scope

5. The loading will start. Once it’s done loading, click Finish to close the Snapshot wizard to explore your SharePoint permissions using  Permissions Explorer or Permission Reports.