Activate SPCAF Extension

SPCAF is a SharePoint Code Analysis Framework developed by RENCORE GmbH. It provides detailed information about SharePoint customization’s (WSPs or Add-ins) code quality, dependencies, complexity and more.

Use SPDocKit to load WSPs information from your SharePoint farm and then add SPCAF extension reports using Extension Manager to analyze them. Available reports are Analysis Summary, Code Quality, Code Metrics, Code Dependencies and Code Inventory.

Please note that because of .net framework 4.0 requirement, SPCAF with SPDocKit only supports SharePoint Versions SP2013 and SP2016.


1. To install SPCAF extension you can use either online of offline installation. For detailed instructions click here.


2. After you installed the extension you need to activate it. Take the license file (whose name must be license.lic) and place it in: C:\ProgramData\SPDocKit\Extensions\SPCAF

That is a default folder. Yours may wary depending on where you installed SPDocKit. Please note that by default, folders: Extensions and SPCAF do not exist and you need to create them.

3. After that go to the SPCAF Reports in Content & Usage Reports section of SPDocKit. Select any report, and you will notice the following message:


4. Click the Activate your license button.


You will notice a challenge code. Visit the webpage and enter the code, as well as your e-mail and the license key. License key is the same one from the second step of this wizard. You need to open it with any text editor and copy/paste it. Click Submit.


You will receive further instructions on your e-mail shortly, but here is what you need to do.

5. Open the email and take the attached file (activations.caf). Place it in the following folder: C:\Users\name.surname\AppData\Local\SPCAF

And that is it. You may try opening some of the SPCAF reports to make sure they are working properly.