Manage Roles

This section describes how to manage SPDocKit roles.

To create a new role, follow these instructions:

1. Navigate to the Backstage Configuration Screen and click Manage Roles.

Backstage Configuration Screen - Manage Roles

2. Click Add Role.

Manage roles - Add New Role

3. The SPDocKit Role Wizard will open. Under General, type in the name of the role and add a description. Click Next to continue.

Role Wizard - General Settings

4.If you wish a user to see and access the Farm Explorer and Best Practices, under Snapshots and Monitoring, select the Allow access to Farm Explorer and Best Practices report categories check box.

Please note that the Farm Explorer reports may contain sensitive information such as passwords and other important SharePoint settings.

If you wish to grant a user access to the Monitoring report category, select the Allow access to Monitoring report category check box.

Please note that the Monitoring report category contains ULS and Windows Event Viewer entries which may contain sensitive information.

In the Farms subsection you must choose which farm(s) you wish to enable the aforementioned permissions for. Click here to learn more about using the same database with more than one learn more about using the same database with more than one farm.

Click Next to continue.

Role Wizard - Manage Snapshots and Monitoring

5. Under Report Categories define the report categories to which the SPDocKit user will have access.  You can also fine-tune which SharePoint objects will be visible on these report categories. You can choose to give permissions and access:

  • to all objects (reports will show data from all farms),
  • based on SharePoint permissions (users will only see data from the Site Collections for which they are members of the Site Administrators group), and/or
  • to the selected site collections (reports will show data for explicitly defined site collections).

Please note that if you choose only certain Site Collections, the user will still need to be a Site Administrator to view the specific Site Collection.

Bear in mind that these settings differ from the ones in a previous screen. The farms you choose here only apply to the Farm Explorer, Best Practices and Monitoring tab.

Permissions you can manage here are Site Explorer, Permission Explorer, Permission Reports, and Content and Usage Reports. They directly correspond to the same tabs in SPDocKit.

Click Next to continue.

SPDocKit Role Wizard - Report Categories

6. If you wish to add a user to this new role, search users, groups, and AD groups to find and select them. Click Next to create your role and exit the Role Wizard.

Role Wizard - Add Members

To edit an existing role, click Manage Roles, select the role you wish to edit, and then click Edit.

SPDocKit Wizard - Manage and edit existing roles

To delete an existing role, click Manage Roles, select the role you wish to delete, and click Delete.

SPDocKit - Manage and delete existing roles

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