Manage Users

This section explains how to add principals and manage users.

1. Navigate to the Backstage Configuration Screen, and click Manage Users.

Backstage Configuration Screen - Manage Roles and Users

2. To add a new user, click Add Users. You can also edit or even delete user roles.

Enter user names or search to add them as principals and assign them a certain role. Click Assign to finish and save your changes.

Please note! There is a difference between deleting a user from the SPDocKit database and deleting an SQL login for a certain user.

SQL login is used to log in on an SQL server. It is usually the same as Windows credentials, but it can be custom as well. If a certain user is using a database other than the SPDocKit on a given server, you shouldn’t try to delete its SQL login. However, if the SPDocKit database is the only one a user is using, you can completely remove his or her logon rights.

SPdocKit Add Principals and Manage Users

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