Configure Automatic Snapshots

SPDocKit allows administrators to configure a schedule to create automatic SharePoint farm configuration snapshots. Once configured, the snapshot service can save your farm settings and email it to the selected users if any changes are detected. Click here for more information on how to do this.

1. Navigate to the Backstage Configuration Screen and click Configure.


2. Skip to the Service Settings option, select the Enable Service checkbox and type in the service account details. Click Validate Account and then Next to continue.


Please note! Please check permission requirements for service account.

Once the Configuration Wizard is finished, navigate to Backstage Configuration Screen > Options > Service Settings. You can change the default snapshots location  or choose to save them to the database, by entering a new snapshot destination folder. Define the period for creating snapshots with the Data Collection Interval.

With the Database Index Reorganization, you can enable automatic index reorganization. That means your database space usage and performance when reading data will improve. During that time, while the service runs, the SPDocKit might be unavailable.

Service Settings

3. Skip to the Snapshot Options and customize the snapshot options that are going to be used by the SPDocKit Service such as Load Options and Load Performance. Click Save when finished.

Snapshot Options


If you wish to receive an email notification after automatically-taken farm snapshots, follow these instructions:

1. Navigate to the Backstage Configure Screen > Options > Subscription Settings.

2. Check in Subscriptions Enabled box, and select the Enable email sending checkbox to enable email to be sent. Fill out the necessary details, then click Test email settings to make sure that the email alert is set up properly. Here are more information on these settings.

Subscription Settings

3. Click Save to close the Options wizard and apply the changes.
After that you need to create a new subscription. For detailed information on how to do that please go here.

Make sure that in step 5 you pick Farm Documentation
When all is done, you will receive an email alert with the selected documentation after SPDocKit finishes loading the automatic farm settings.