How to manage SharePoint Online permissions with SPDocKit Workstation

This article explains how to use SPDocKit workstation to manage SharePoint Online permissions. Install SPDocKit on your workstation, connect to a SharePoint Online site, and modify user permissions using the permissions wizards.

Requirements:  To manage SharePoint Online permissions on your workstation, you must use the SPDocKit workstation or site/team/consultant license. The user running the application on a workstation needs to be site a collection administrator on the site collection they want to manage the permissions for.

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To add and manage site collections on SharePoint On-premise or SharePoint Online, follow these steps:

1. Start SPDocKit and go to Permissions Explorer.

2. In the Permissions ribbon, click the Connect button.

SPDocKit SharePoint Online connect site collections

3. Select SharePoint Online as a site collection type that you want to manage. Fill out the necessary fields and click OK.

Connect Site Collection on SharePoint Online

4. Once added, your site collection will be visible under the SharePoint Online Sites for you to manage. For more information, visit our permissions management guide.

Site collection under the SharePoint Online Sites

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SPDocKit cannot be used to view Office 365 reports. It can only show you reports you already have on your SharePoint Server. If you are interested in Office 365 reports as well as information regarding your Office 365 tenant, we recommend you try yet another Acceleratio product: CloudKit 365.

CloudKit 365 is a cloud service designed to help you review Office 365, report on Exchange Online, and explore SharePoint Online.

To find out more about SharePoint Online permissions reports and Office 365 reports, check out our How to view SharePoint Online Permissions reports article.