Sync to Dropbox

Please note! This feature has been retired in SPDocKit 5.0.

This article explains how you can configure Dropbox synchronization of a SharePoint Farm settings and contents using Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint.

1. Click the Configuration button on the Backstage Screen and then select Options from the Configuration menu.


2. Click the Cloud Sync button from the left navigation menu and select Dropbox to be the Documentation Toolkit synchronization tool.


3. The dialog also offers you to select how to sync data with Dropbox. It is possible to sync it AutomaticallyManually or to Turn off Sync.

4. Click the Start Authorization button.


5. Dropbox home page will open. Please fill in the login credentials.

6. On the following page, confirm Dropbox integration with Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint

7. Return to the Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint and click the Confirm Authorization button.


8. Connection is successfully established. You will receive an email from Dropbox confirming the integration.

9. Change how to Synchronize the selected Documentation Toolkit Content and Settings. For more details visit the Synchronization Options Screen.


10. Click Save and Documentation Toolkit Dropbox Sync will be configured!

Please note!

  • The files from Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint will be synced to Dropbox\Apps\Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint folder.
  • If the Dropbox is configured to Manual Sync, synchronization is started by clicking on the Start button in the Sync tab. Automatic synchronization will be executed every 5 minutes if there are files or changes that haven’t been synchronized.


  • The individual files can also be saved to the Cloud directly using Home ribbon Save to Cloud button.