Upgrade to the Latest Version

This article explains how to upgrade the SPDocKit to the latest major version. SPDocKit database, saved farms, snapshots and application settings will be conserved in the upgrade process.


  1. The account running the application should have db_owner privileges on SPDocKit database to perform the upgrade process successfully. In case that you are also changing the SPDocKit Service account to the different one from the Service account that has been assigned to the previous application version, account running the upgrade should also have securityadmin role on the preferred SQL Server. This role will allow him to grant proper privileges to the new Service account.
  2. Perform the database backup before proceeding with the upgrade process, especially to the latest versions of the SPDocKit.
  3. Due to a number of database modifications, upgrade to SPDocKit 6.0 may take a while and License Management configuration will not be preserved.
  4. If you are upgrading from an SPDocKit version lower than 5.1.0., make sure you are on the SharePoint farm you were using this database for. Since the latest upgrade process uses a FarmID for data classification, upgrading SPDocKit database on other farms might result in data corruption.


1. Download the latest SPDocKit version and run the SPDocKitSetup.exe.

2. Installation Wizard will inform you that previous version, will be uninstalled automatically.

SPDocKit 6 Remove Previous Version

3. Configuration Wizard window will appear and offer you to use the same settings as before. Leave the Yes, use the same settings box checked in and click Next to continue.
If you do not wish to use the same settings, untick the checkbox and follow the Configuration Wizard to complete the installation process.

Please note! The upgrade to SPDockit 6 may take a while due to a large number of database changes.

SPDocKit 6 Upgrade Settings

4. Choose if you want to participate in the Customer Experience Improvement Program or not, and if the application will start automatically after finishing the wizard.

SPDocKit 6 Upgrade

5. Click Finish and you are good to go. The application is upgraded and ready to use.